VBS this week!!

Oh it is time again!!

Vacation Bible School is here!!

Rebecca, Belle and I stood in line for 48 minutes in the PRE- registered line to enter VBS this year.

There was lots to look at at least.

Our church does an incredible job with all productions.

This one is just as wonderful.

Cute huh??

Then they spend weeks getting ready for VBS.

Here are some of the results…

Our friend Rachelle is waaaaayyyy over there in the trading post.

One of the water towers in the court yard.

I think I will still have the kids bathe at home.

Nice of them to offer…?

Used water is just wrong.

Loving the buggy…

Look at all the gold Belle found!!

She can’t wait till she can go to VBS too!!

I am so proud of Becca for going.

I know in a church as big as ours that getting to hang out with people you know is really hard at these events.

Especially our VBS, it is filled with people not from our church that just know it will be fun for their kids.

It is a chance to teach others who don’t attend church regularly, about Jesus and how to be saved.

It is more of a evangelical time then in depth study for the “every Sunday” kids.


Becca was still up and ready to go and learn more about Jesus with a smile this morning.

She is such a blessing!

Becca had a really good time and made some new friends too :)


One thought on “VBS this week!!

  1. Our VBS doesn’t start until the end of July. My youngest is excited because I’ll be helping with her class this year. Never thought they’d be excited to have Mom watching! The set-up that your church does is quite impressive! You know, that is such a blessing. It pulls in kids who may not normally have an opportunity to hear about Jesus. Even if it doesn’t “click” for them that week, the seed has been planted!

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