Ladies Tea

I am a total advocate for the unborn.

I am becoming stronger in my speaking out for them.

I know that recently my kids and I spoke with a family friend who had no knowledge of how bad birth control is, how bad planned parenthood is, the day after pill…and she is an extremely intelligent woman. Point being, she called her 18 year old daughter and started telling her all this information we gave her. It began discussions between the mother and her daughter, the mother and the boyfriend and I am sure between the daughter and her boyfriend. I am seeing that I can make a difference even though I really had not seen the results of my “lectures” to others on the choices that we make regarding premarital sex, pregnancy, abortion and adoption.

This made the Ladies Tea that I went to that much more wonderful.

I really could only afford to buy one ticket.

I took Aimee and Samantha with me to the Tea in November, but this time it was just me.

That was not a fun thought, going to a Tea alone.

It was for a good cause and I knew I would learn more valuable information so I went by myself.


Then I found out my friend Bridget had done the same thing!

She could only afford one ticket as well and was going by herself.

We could go together!!

Whoo hoo!!

Not my best picture but it shows how nice it was there.

We learned so much that day.

It breaks my heart the number of pregnancies terminated in one year.

In Medi-cal records alone, in California 2007 there were over 200,000 abortions of innocent little babies.

That does not include those paid for cash or through private insurance.

Latest information shows,

A baby’s heart starts beating within the first 18 days of life.

This is when the mother is only four days late for her menstrual period.

The baby’s heart is pumping by day 21.

(check Cha-Cha for yourself)

A baby is not a blob as planned parenthood states.

Blobs don’t have heartbeats.

The sixth commandment is: Thou shall not commit murder.

If a woman has an abortion at 6 weeks is that not murder?

So much on my heart right now…

So much I have learned or was reminded of…

I am hurting for those who have been there…wanting to help others not feel the pain that comes with abortion.

For they are still mothers and fathers,

just parents of murdered babies.

Murdered by choice.


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