Friend Graduates

Aimee and Samantha’s friend from Thailand, Chauna, graduated this month.

She is such a sweet girl.

I feel bad that we have n0t had enough time to really get to know her.

She was here as an exchange student and now that she has graduated is returning home.

It is amazing how God sometimes puts someone in your life, even if just for a short time, who just can touch your heart.

I know Chauna will go far in her life with her sweet disposition, determination, bravery, good heart and intelligence. She came here without knowing the English language at all, jumped into a school filled with (sorry to say)  kinda snobby high school kids, and proceeded to not only excel at her education but learn all about America at the same time.

Quite a feat to undertake for a young lady of 17 all by herself.

So congratulations seems not enough, but I will say it anyway, congratulations Chauna on all you have accomplished this year!!


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