Cutest Fundraiser EVER!!!

See this beautiful family??

They are an amazing Christian family that are in the process of trying to adopt their third child.

I am so honored to know them personally and know what wonderful parents they are.

The children are happy and prospering!

They are such a special family!!

Right now they are having a puzzle piece fundraiser to help fund this next adoption.

It is the cutest idea ever!!

They have bought a puzzle that they are having people buy pieces of, that will then bear the buyers name and be put in the completed puzzle.

They are putting the puzzle in a double sided frame and hanging it next to the child’s room so that the child will see how many people wanted to be a part of them becoming apart of their family.

What a gift!!

I am so being part of this!!

If you are interested or just want to see how God is making this adoption work for them here is the link to their family blog:

Herren Highlights

God is doing indescribably heartfelt  things every day.

Are you helping Him?


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