Creative New Job

My son’s oldest friend Austin is so cute!

He is starting his own pet show business.

He invited us and a ton of other families down to the park to witness his first show.

He brought his ball python, tortoise, bearded dragon and his tarantula for everyone to see.

He gave background on all the animals and then let the little ones pet the animals.

He then he witnessed to everyone that the world was thousands not millions of years old. That if you looked at the animals and saw how they had changed over time, which was really only evolving down not up, that you had proof that Darwin is wrong. Only God could make such wondrous creatures.

He is so right!

Now my son and he are thinking about combining their animals and making the show bigger.

Have to let you know how that idea pans out.

Great show and witnessing though!

Great job Austin!!


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