baby birds are everywhere

Baby birds just seem to be all over right now.

The kiddos found this little one after she slammed herself into our garage door.

We tried to help her survive but the little body was just to banged up.

She did not last the night.

We gave her a proper burial.

Then goodness look what landed in our front yard the next day!

So tiny….

She just sat there and let us take her picture while she caught her breath.

Then she caught the wind and floated…

…to the other side of the front yard!

She eventually flew away thank goodness.

Two baby bird deaths in a week would have been devastating to the kiddos.

What a beautiful gift from God!

We were blessed to see that even though some may die, there is still so much life all around us.

It was a good message that life goes on.

My good friend’s father passed on the next day.

He had been in so much pain that it was a blessing to see the suffering stop.

I think God sent those birds to help me explain to Belle what had happened to our friend’s father.

Why we would not be seeing him anymore and why people were so sad.

She is so sweet. She answers back “why should we be sad Momma? He is with Jesus. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Out of the mouth of babes….

Rest in peace Bill.


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