Park Day

Took the kiddos to the park for a picnic lunch and hike today.

Spring and fall I love to do that because the weather is nice at that time.

The only worry is weather or not I have put my sunblock on or not! Hahaha!!!

Belle tried the climbing wall and loved it!!

The kids all love this turning thing.

I have no idea what it is or called but they love twisting on the silly thing.

Here is Becca having her turn!

Hey Belle!!

Michael the bird.

Hurry! Let’s go for our hike!!

Let’s start here.

Uh oh…rattlesnake skin…we better be careful.

Lead the way Brother.

What was that?

Photo op!

Okay..I realize I am not my daughter with her amazing photography skills.

It isn’t that bad of a shot though…

…is it?

She just seemed so pensive.

Looked like a character from the Mandie books she loves to read.

This is just so pretty here.

God’s beauty is everywhere.

So serene.

We love nature hikes.

Perfect place for us to study Genesis today.


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