This Is Where You Will Find Me…Today.

This is something very close to my heart.

I am pro-life.

This is a fundraiser for an incredible group called ” CHOICES Women’s Resource Center.

You can find them at

They are located right next to two colleges and offer free services to women who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy.

They offer them Choices.

Not “when would you like to schedule your procedure?”


Medical referrals are given so as to begin care for the baby as soon as possible.

They offer help with baby, maternity, child clothing, diapers, all kinds of baby supplies, cribs, bassinets, crib bedding sets, you get the idea.

They also have many adoption services.

Counseling for before the baby, after you have your baby, if you are post abortive (even 20 years ago), or if you are the daddy of an aborted baby.

They offer free pregnancy testing and are in the process of getting an ultrasound machine so they won’t have to send women somewhere else to receive one.

This is why they are called CHOICES.

Everyone has them.

If they know it or not.

I want as many women as possible to be positively affected by this.

So I am doing my part, not standing on the sidelines, I am going to make a difference.

I will be there at the registration table this year.

Then  I will walk with my family for all the lost babies and for the future babies that will hopefully be saved.

I will be serving food to those who attend.

We have Chick-fil-a, Arby’s and Carl’s Jr on board for the day.

My daughter Aimee is getting into the act too this year.

She will be in charge of the prizes for the little ones at the games that are going to be set up for them.

I am so proud to say that my whole family thinks that this is an important thing to stand for.

“A person’s a person

no matter



-Dr. Seuss

Please take this as an invitation to join us!

It is a great cause!


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