I recently gave my kids an assignment.

Creation vs. evolution…convince me.

For the Christian child this is not that hard of an assignment.

Our family believes in the truth of the Bible, God’s word and base it all on faith.

So number one for us is Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Then Genesis 1:2

The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

The arguments they gave me were as expected and following along those guidelines.

It is still good to keep them on their toes regarding their faith.

Help them when they are questioned by others to be prepared to back their faith with solid answers.

They were doing great and then I gave them this question that stumped all of them.

Me: Okay guys, now do we agree that there was a great flood?

Kids: Yes.

Me: Is it true that other religions and cultures also believe in a great flood that covered the earth? Just not all of them believe that it was Noah but some one and their family survived correct?

Kids: Yes.

Me: Okay, then where did all the water come from to flood the ENTIRE earth?

Kids: (nothing)

Me: I know some will say that is where the ice in the north came from. When it all melts it could flood the earth. What do you think?

Kids:  (nothing)

Me: Only answer I can come up with is from God.

Kids: That makes sense. Maybe all the water was in the clouds Mom?

Me: That sounds like a good point. Here is my question back, was not the sky blue before the time of the flood?

Kids: I guess so.

Me: Then how could so much water be trapped in the clouds to flood the entire earth? Would the skies not have been so black to have poured down enough rain for 40 days and nights flooding the earth? How would the sun have ever shown through?

Kids: Hmmm.

Me: Now lets take it further, where did the water go? It took 2 years to disappear. Where did it go?

Kids: Maybe it sunk back into the earth?

Me: Good idea! It could have! Lets think about that. Now if it sunk back into the earth, that is a ton of water remember, where would it go? Would we not have huge lakes maybe  even oceans beneath the surface of the earth? Is not the core of the earth a type of lava?  What would happen if all that water eventually sank all the way down to that lava? I see tons of steam happening. What would happen if all that water hit our core? Would it have happened already? The flood was over 2000 years ago and took only 2 years to recede back the depths of the mountains. Would we not be still receding back if the water fell into the earth? Would we not be a water barren planet? There was not enough ice in Iceland to still be keeping all our oceans, lakes and rivers full. The only answer to these questions for me that make sense is God. He is the one who brought the water and He alone is the one who took it away. He made it appear and disappear.

Kids: (pause) Wow mom, you are right. It could only be God.

Me: Amen.


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