Best Friend Turns 5!

My littlest sweetie’s best friend had a Cowgirl Princess party the other day.

What a cute idea!!

Little girls can amuse themselves with anything!

They found a big stick and just followed each other around with it!

Ha ha ha!!

Did a little boot skootin to Carrie Underwood and  Faith Hill!

It was her first time on a horse too!

Oooh she was so excited and nervous at the same time!!!

She loved it so much, she just kept getting back in line to ride the little horse again!

…and again…

…and  again…


So precious!

Why can’t my girls fall in love with less expensive things?

Horseback ridding is expensive out here!!

Only way to get the little honey off the horse (so the poor owner could go home) was to start a performance!

Belle rocked the guitar while Farrah and friends danced for everyone!

Silly girls!!

Go baby go!!

Whoo Hoo!

Time to spoil the birthday girl!!

She is such a love!

Maybe we should eat something too??

Perfect desserts too….Root beer floats…

…and cupcakes!

Back to the country jam session!!

Go girls!!

Great party!

Tuckered children and fun memories make for a perfect day!


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