Kool-aid eggs


These eggs turned out sooo pretty!!

We went for the Kool-aid dye that we found on pintrest.

It is so easy I have no idea why I never tried this before!

Just grab a few different Kool-aid packs…

then add a cup of warm water, stir and start dipping your eggs!

Really, it is that easy.

Such pretty colors and no stinky smell!

Then if you grab a white crayon from your collection (I know you have one) and you color the egg first then dye it, the dye will not stick to the crayon. So you can design them in a personal way.

Here is Belle’s.

So gonna do this again next year!!


One thought on “Kool-aid eggs

  1. I had never considered this before! It does make sense. I know I’ve had many laundry stains caused by Kool-Aid that wouldn’t come clean. If Kool-Aid stains other stuff, why not eggs, too! We’ll have to give it a try, next year!

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