Fun Weekend Peace/Slumber Party at Our House

My daughter Rebecca had a slumber party over the weekend.

Most of the girls that were invited are friends also home school, so when I told them we were going to sit down and have a short lesson they thought nothing of it. The other girl…I know she thought I was crazy. I put in a dvd that was instructions on how to tie dye. None of us had ever tie dyed before so this would be fun! Straight and to the point dvd with about 5 different ways to twist the fabric to make different patterns. It told you how long you had to soak the shirt, when you could dye it and the way to get the best results. Most of the girls totally got it and were excited to try it! The one girl who does not home school admitted she did not pay attention to the video and had no idea what we were doing…”why are we soaking the shirts?” Made me so happy I home school!!

The girls were little sweeties and before you know it all the shirts were twisted, soaked, dyed, rinsed, washed and dried.


Turned out cute huh?

Best party favor we ever had for a party that is for sure!!

Oh and all the home school parents thought it was funny that I found a way to educate the kiddos even at a party!!

All the girls were so sweet.

They have all been raised by wonderful parents.

My older girls have been to slumber parties where they come home crying because girls were so mean and rude.

I was nervous.

It was great though!

Mellow, respectful and fun!!



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