Best Assigned Papers EVER!!!

Yesterday during my morning prayers I had asked God for an idea to inspire my children’s hearts. I wanted them to grow in their love for Him. I then got this great idea that popped into my head (wow that Holy Spirit works fast!). I started to think about if I went to meet Jesus right now, right this very moment, would I be prepared?

Have I made a difference in this world positively?
Have I done good works just to do what is right or did I really do them for praise?
Have I raised my children so that they can continue their journey with the Lord on their own?
Have I loved my husband enough?
Have I respected him enough?
Have I worked to make sure that my marriage is constantly strong in the Lord?
Is my faith strong enough?
Did I encourage others with my faith?
Many questions popped up that I knew if I died I would be accountable for.

Kinda put my life in perspective.

It was a great person growth moment.

That was when I knew I had the perfect assignment for the kiddos. What would happen if they died that evening and they would be speaking to Jesus that night?

I got some amazing work back. After a bunch of groans and “do we have toooo’s” they were on their own to figure out how to respond to my question. My only input was that the paper could not be about how they would prepare to die. It was to be an unexpected, untimely death and about what they would be doing after death.

I received truly heartfelt words from their hearts. One child wrote a 5 page story about their death and seeing all the effects of choices made through God’s eyes. How life is precious and we need to be aware how we are all intertwined by choices we make, so we should act accordingly. One child wrote about the way they wanted to change to be when they hoped to meet God. One child still wanted to grow in faith, service and felt they had not done enough to enter the Kingdom of God yet.

My heart was filled with emotion reading these. They are to personal to the children to actually share but they were amazing and perfect for each one. The best part is I know each one had to look inside themselves and see exactly where they were at in their life and examine it. See if it was who they truly wanted to be. Where they needed to grow. What they still wanted to accomplish.

I think it was the best assignment I have given this year.

My heart is still overjoyed at their works.
I am a proud Mama.


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