One little word.

Who has chosen their “One Little Word” for the new year? For those of you who have never heard of this concept, it’s the idea that you choose just one word to sort of shape and define your whole year. It’s better than resolutions in my opinion because it’s more of a theme or specific intention that all other goals can then fall in line with.

I’ve never chosen one before, but I’ve been giving it some thought.  And I’ve had this pesky little word keep popping up in my mind and pressing on my heart. I really feel this is a good word to be my goal for the year.

My word for 2012 is….

Hoping to hear the word in all that I do.

I just need to give myself time to ask for guidance and to listen to the Holy Spirit everyday.

I mean I do…but to ask to feel the words the Spirit has for me all throughout the day in all I do. I want to listen as I am teaching my children, as I shop for groceries at the store, as I live everyday life.

I want to follow  His will for me.

I want my spirit to grow.

That is my goal for this year.


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